236646 Random Graphs Winter 2016/2017

During the 2016–2017 winter semester, I gave a course on random graphs, based in large part on Introduction to Random Graphs by Alan Frieze and Michał Karoński.

I prepared some lecture notes. These notes contain all results we covered in class, along with references to the textbook and proof sketches.

There were three homework assignments. The first two were conventional assignments, and the last one was to prepare a project.

The first assignment was due on December 25.

The second assignment was due on January 15, and contained a mistake in part 4(b): one can show in the indicated way only convergence of the first and second moments. Asymptotic normality of the number of isolated vertices does hold, but requires use of Stein’s method. However, the method suggested in the assignment does show the asymptotic normality of subgraph counts (int the appropriate regimes).

The third assignment was due on March 1. Each student had to choose a topic and prepare a lecture on it.


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